GlobalMatch is a platform that connects ambitious people from different parts of the world – via video, calling, e-mail or messenger. As a tandem partner you are given the opportunity to experience another culture, practice intercultural competences and get contacts in a globalized world.

The Problem we want to solve:

  1. Climate Change, migration, gender inequalities… there are many global challenges! These global challenges count for the whole world equally!
  2. International cooperation for solving those challenges is mainly based on ethnocentrism. It is mostly an asymmetric „help“ from the Global North for the Global South.
  3. Young people from different parts of the word do not have the opportunity to learn from each other and to work together on global challenges.
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Global study and working realities are not connected

Our Vision is for young people all over the world to have equal opportunities to shape our global future. That they learn from each other and shape reality at eye level. 

Connecting people from different parts of the world

Our Mission is to connect ambitious young people from all of the world to share their expertise, perspectives and opportunities. This results in a better understanding of living realities around the world and ultimately cooperation at eye level.

Our Action is to match two individuals with same interests, study backgrounds or complimenting skills. Through regular Skype calls and communication via e-mail or messenger the tandem works on a topic of their interest, project or scientific question. We offer intercultural training and an introduction to postcolonial debates by giving online-lectures to our tandem partners.

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Matching based on complimentary interests
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Step by step learning about & from the other & putting common ideas into action

“Each GlobalMatch is different, based on individual interests and wishes of both partners. Everyone has their own ideas and goals. What all tandem partnerships have in common is the beginning of an international friendship and personality growth on both sides.”

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We have matched more than 50 tandems with diverse projects already
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We have matched tandem partner from 12 different counties all over the world