Frederick Hasahya, 27, Kampala, Uganda

“I see my self participating actively in the struggle to see human rights and rule of law thrive in my country. I see myself as a successful, poet, writer and public speaker. I also see myself as a role model for children who struggle to make it in life without their parents.“

IMG-20151031-WA0006I would like to be able to publish my works (poems, inspirational quotes, speeches and novels), to get opportunities to make poetry recitals to audiences. Therefore, I need to compile and categorize my writings specifically, get experienced writers to proof read them and edit where necessary. I would like to make videos of my poetry recitals and participate in poetry festivals, utilizing social media as a marketing tool.


Here is a sneak peek of my poem “Africa and the youth”:

“Without hesitation she confronts the day with determination. With hope he goes out to find a source of income for miles they walk, with wishes running through their heads. In one hand they hold brown envelops, full of the documents the fat bellied married man in the office asks to sleep with her before he shortlists her for the job interview…mmmh she cannot take it.”