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Frederick is a young Ugandan how loves to inspire the world with his poems. The eager law student is working on a collection of literature pieces which he plans on publishing soon.


Here you can learn more about Frederick’s experience or also become a tandem partner.


“Like th

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e Moon watches over our nights and the Sun oversees our days, Simon has actively given me unimaginable guidance adding impetus to my development and growth as a writer. Our interactions included sharing poetry video lessons, inspiring works of art, introduction to Paul Celan and Gustav Freytag’s literature works, this enhanced my creativity. For me it is an experience that has grown positivity, hope and hard work in my life and I am so grateful to the GlobalMatch-team, that introduced me to such a listening and inspiring person.” – Frederick about his experience with Simon


In order to facilitate Fredericks´ work GlobalMatch managed to finance a laptop for him: I am so eager to start using a personal laptop which I will get tomorrow. This means a lot to me and I cannot stop thanking you all. 5 months ago, I almost gave up on my dreams, the struggle to strive for success because I felt hopeless. All this has changed ever since you gave me this opportunity. With Simon’s mentorship, I have learnt to appreciate myself more and always look for knowledge and apply it in my works. Every day I wake up I go through my days with hope and faith, thanks to

Simon studies philosophy and psychology in Munich. His passion is listening to stories and telling stories, this makes him the perfect tandem partner for Frederick from Uganda.

Here you can learn more about Simon’s experience or also become a tandem partner.

“Listening to stories and telling stories: that’s my great passion and joy – whilst talking to Frederick, a young talented writer from Uganda, I can fully act out these feelings. We have video calls on Skype quite regularly, about 2-3 times per month, where we talk about style, the perfect first phrase, poems or short stories. Frederick will forge ahead – and I will be happy to listen to that story.” – Simon about his experience with Frederick