Our work is not only creating new contacts but enhancing real cooperation! This work makes us proud and happy, when we see talented people working together and achieving common goals.

We would like to present you some of our successful projects.

Matches in the area of CULTURE AND ART

Simon studies philosophy and psychology in Munich. His passion is listening to stories and telling stories.
Frederick is from Uganda. He loves to inspire the world with his poems and short stories
Since January 2016 Simon and Frederick work together on their poems and short stories. Through Simons contacts Frederick could publish some of his works in german magazines. They are working on a joint publication of their work.

Joseph studied journalism and mass communication at the UMCAT in Kampaia, Uganda. Besides, he already worked as a freelance photojournalist in Kampala and its surroundings
Melli loves art and photography. She studies photography in Nürnberg, Germany



Since September 2016 Melli and Joseph share their views and experiences on photography. As both are specialized in street photography they are working on a project that spotlights street life in both countries: Uganda and Germany.




Matches in the area of SCIENCE

Cora studies human and molecular medicine in Germany. She is interested in cancer studies, antibiotic resistance, but also in political conflicts, democracy and human rights. Cora aims to work for an international organization in the area of health.
Boni studied Medical Laboratory in Uganda. His dream is to have a real impact in the life of people, especially in the area of health.





Since October 2016 Cora and Boni research in three areas in the field of medicine: 1. HIV — How to treat it? What are the problems of medication? 2. Antimicrobial resistance. 3. Cancer.



Matches in the area of SOCIAL PROJECTS
Pascal studies business administration and has experiences in social projects. He founded the local chapter of ROCK YOUR LIFE that works towards a society in which educational opportunities are created irrespective of the social status.
Richard is a member of an educational program in Uganda. He started the project to provide school education for children that need help. Richards aim is to give every child in his region education opportunity.



Richard is founding a primary school in Uganda. Since November 2016 they develop innovative teaching methods and a financing concept for the project.



Kirsten Z
Kirsten gained project management skills in her studies of Economic sciences and has working experience in this field. Moreover she is interested in psychology and philosophy. Kirsten participated in various social establishments in Germany and abroad.
Pisolm Bagonza
Pisolm had passion to teach since his childhood. By helping his younger cousins with their homework he realized this was what he wanted to do in his life. Teaching children to give them a basic qualification, which will help them in their future. 
Pisolm is founding a primary school in Uganda. Since December 2016 he and Kirsten develop a sustainable business plan and financing concept for the project.



Daniel is a computer science student from Uganda. He thinks, that knowing how to use a computer can change a person’s life, because it gives one the opportunity to explore the world.
Martina is a computer science student at Stanford University. She is interested in social work and gained teaching experiences in a preschool for slum children in India.
Since July 2016 Daniel and Martina are working on a project, that teaches Ugandan street children informatics to give them more opportunities in their future lifes.



Rodney S
Rodney studied Business Administration in Namibia. He is experienced in entrepreneurship training for young people. He is founder of the Omdibasen Community Empowerment Organisation, which provides diverse services to the city of Otjiwarongo, Namibia.
Sebastian studied geography in Augsburg, Germany. He is very interested in project design, marketing and public relations. Furthermore he is co-founder of the Green Office in Augsburg, an organization, which supports students who want to start environmental projects.
Since February 2017 Rodney and Sebastian are working on the establishment of an entrepreneurship training centre in Namibia. 








Noah studies politics, psychology, law and economics in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is an ambitious social entrepreneur, who wants to share his insights in European and world politics. Besides he is very interested in journalism and impact evaluation.
Waiswa studies Commerce and Accounting in Uganda. He is a founder of the Safe Water – Safe Life project, which is a community based organization for clean water management.  
Since December 2016 they work together on the Water Project founded by Waiswa. Noah supports him with the creation of an impact evaluation tool.
Martin studied at Makarere University Business School in Uganda. During his studies he was thinking about changing living conditions in Africa through poultry farming. After graduating he bought 9 birds and then increased the number to 400.
Lea studies Business Administration. For the last three years she has been engaged in the student organization called enactus. There she learns a lot in the field of social entrepreneurship. With the enactus team she wants to create an incubator for poultry-farming.
Since April 2017 Lea and Martin exchange their experiences on the challenges of pultry farming. Together they are building an egg-incubator, which could fight malnutrition in Africa. 


Miriam is an experienced geriatric nurse. She has Kenyan roots and therefore speaks also Suaheli.
Julia studied Geography and was engaged in the student initiatives Weitblick and OpenGlobe. Now she is especially interested in solving problems with traditional knowledge. She believes, that the knowledge of elderly people can be extremely useful.
Patrica B
Patricia wants to provide the elderly and handicapped with home care services, medical care and moral support. She takes care of some elderly ladies by visiting them, checking their health and buying food, if it is needed.
Since May 2017 Patricia, Julia and Miriam exchange their knowledge about elderly care. Their goal is to find out how the living conditions of elderly people can be improved.
Matches in the area of ECONOMIC
Charles is from Uganda. He has a diploma in Business Administration at MUBS. To finance his studies he was doing small scale farming.
Mirjam is from Germany. She has a diploma in Sociology and studies Agriculture. She made several internships in international organizations. In her further life she wants to work towards archiving the sustainable development goals.
Since July 2015 Charles and Mirjam exchange their point of views on agriculture. Now they develop a lemonade start-up together.
Maximillian Herde is from Germany. He is interested in topics related to value investing, savings, retirement and entrepreneurship. He has practical experience in finance through his involvement in the TU Investment Club.
Maganda Charles Dickens is a 24-years old diploma holder from Uganda. Charles recently started to found a small milling company to become a middleman between the farmers and the customers. His vision is the eradication of famine in Uganda by offering food, which is available for each and everyone of his countrymen.










Maximilian helps Charles to structure his business plan in order to search for funding opportunities. They are in frequent exchange about the circumstances for start ups in Uganda and try to bypass difficulties together.