Do you want to get to know an exciting tandem partner? Are you interested in a specific topic or a scientific question? Or do you want to discuss your topic with someone from another culture? – The following people are looking for their GlobalMatch. Read more in order to get to know them!

+++banking, agriculture business+++

Masereka Morris is from Uganda

Morris has a degree in banking and finance. He likes investing in agricultural related projects and also learning and sharing information about culture in different societies.  He decided to join because he wants to interact and get ideas & skills from other people in this field on how to better, improve and benefit from his agricultural projects and also share with people about the different cultures in Uganda.

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+++illiteracy, education+++

Kiconco Daphine is from Uganda

Daphine is a teacher by profession. She would like to get someone who is interested in the education sector. She wants to eradicate illiteracy among the people of her community since most of them don’t know how to read and write.

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+++environment, health safety+++

John Kirunda is from Jinja, Uganda, 25 y.o.

John went to UACE University in Jinja and studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math. Then he got a government sponsorship at Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba in 2014, where he obtained a diploma in petroleum engineering in January 2017. Currently he is undertaking a City & Guilds international certification in welding, fabrication and pipeline at their center branch in Hoima, Uganda. John is working on a social scientific project that deals with the health safety and environment in and out of the the albertine region where Uganda’s oil is located. He would like to exchange experiences and ideas with other motivated people.

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+++tourism, business+++

Goodluck Eliazaro is from Arusha, Tanzania

Goodluck wants to work with tourism, like tours to the National Parks around Tanzania, game reserves, conservation areas, creator tour, culture heritage areas, in which people will be able to have a real life experience of Tanzanian’s background and history.
That’s just a part of his plan for the company. He is full of other creative ideas.

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+++gemstone business, entrepreneurship+++

Baraka Godfrey is from Tanzania

Baraka is interested in Gemstone Business. He completed secundary education 2014 and passed well. Now he is looking for admission in the course of Gemological Institute of America.  At the moment he is working in this area as a small dealer of  different gemstones in Tanzania such as Tanzanite, Tsavorite, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Spinel, Quarts. At this moment he is looking for different connection with people to make their goals true.

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+++community work, social project+++

Joseph Marwa is from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Joseph is an accountant for Mapambazuko SACCOS, the Credit and Saving society issuing loans to the low income earners, who cannot afford banks and microfinance loans. For example, they have group loans for women and disbled business. Now the company is looking for grants for training groups before issuing loans.

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+++farming, skills exchange+++

Godfrey Epemu from Uganda, 27 y.o.

Godfrey is a records assistant by profession and works now with St. John bosco s.s.s kamuli as a librarian. Applying to GlobalMatch he wants to share and learn new skills from other ambitious people.
He also runs some projects like crop farming and animal rearing.

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+++sustainability, traveling, entrepreneurship+++

Jakob Wolski
Jakob Wolski from Berlin, Germany, 21 y.o.

Jakob  loves to explore different continents and cultures and believes that exchanging ideas and opinions with people from various backgrounds will lead the path to a harmonized world. He has his own blog ( ) through which he aims to write about the topics he is passionate about and share his experiences of creating happiness and success on his own terms. He is also scaling a student driven initiative ( ) to spread awareness and action towards a sustainabile future. They organize and initiate panel discussions, workshops and projects to solve local problems.
He wants to start an economic project with a tandempartner in another country. Currently he does not have specific ideas to put into action. But he says that these would come when the right people would meet.

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+++fashion, entrepreneurship, creativity+++

Twinah Raleting
Twinah Raleting from Lesotho

Twinah is a 27 year lady, who is in to start her own fashion business. She would like to connect with other people, who want to share fashion ideas (cosmetics, carpets, fashionable clothes, bags, etc). She loves people, who believe they can achieve big things, who think of doing something new everyday.

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+++business sciences, organizing events, discovering new cultures+++

Silvia from Italy

Silvia has a background in business sciences and is currently working in the online advertising field, but in her free time she likes to organize events and to help social entrepreneurs with their projects by connecting them with the right people. On top of that, she is interested in traveling and discovering new cultures. That is why she would like to join GlobalMatch and get connected and inspired by other peers living far away under different life conditions and possibly join or start a project with them.

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+++entrepreneurship, bicycle project+++

Elisha Watmon
Watmon Shafik from Uganda

Watmon wants to start a bicycle sponsorship project that will provide bicycles at a give away price to the poor in his community and also sell them to those who can afford it at a fair and affordable price. While still studying, he worked at a similar project, which greatly inspired him. Hereby, he gained skills in repairing, assembling and maintenance. He also participated in entrepreneurship courses which provided him knowledge concerning how to start up a business and running it.

With his tandem partner, he would love to reflect on the best ways of launching his bicycle project. He could even imagine to set it up as a team.

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+++education, eradicating illiteracy+++

Kiconco Daphine from Uganda

Kiconco Daphine is a teacher by profession. She would like to find someone, who is interested in the education sector as well. She loves to discuss education methods. Her dream is to eradicate illiteracy in her community, since most of them don’t know how to read and write.

From the partnership she expects exchange of experiences and ideas.

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+++sustainability education+++

Philipp Spiegel from Germany

Philipp is planning a project on sustainable development in school education. He is planning to set up an online-conference for 16 to 18 year olds from all over the world, discussing ideas, relevant not only for Germany and Europe but for many different parts of the world. Therefore, he wants to get into touch with people from all over the globe, who are interested in or work on sustainability issues (whether in agriculture, housing, mobility, technology and so on) and who want to participate in developing a curriculum for the online-congress. He envisions his project being a first step towards setting up an online school for sustainability.

“The pupils all over the world will shape the society of tomorrow and my hope is that this society will be a sustainable one from all perspectives. For this aim at the moment sustainability is too less discussed in schools.” – Philipp

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+++coding, electronics, building products+++

Samuel Brinkmann from Flensburg, Germany

Samuel is a 20 year old, who, instead of going to university, did (co-)found his own company called ‘Coding World’. The company sells electronic components and kits for everyone who wants to get started in coding or to realize a cool project. Samuel is interested in learning more about how to create businesses or organizations that can facilitate change on a societal level in view of topics which are usually overlooked (like learning programming in a more digital world). During the past two years, he has learned a lot about building products, building supply chains, creating crowdfunding and dealing with the German bureaucracy. Samuel wants to use this knowledge whilst gathering further ideas/feedback/input to launch other innovative projects and companies.

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+++event planing, catering+++

Muhumuza Collin
Muhumuza Collin from Uganda

Collin studied Business Administration and is now working on his MBA. He wants to found a business in the catering sector. He already owns a small restaurant, which he wants push towards becoming a vocational hub in the catering industry.

Collin hopes that through GlobalMatch, he will learn how event planing and catering works in other world regions.

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+++health & nutrition, community development, organizational management+++

Jawiambe J. Godwins from Kampala, Uganda

Jawiambe is a 25 year old change maker from Uganda. He is a community developer, caring about health and nutrition in his community, as well as supporting people through education. For these purposes, he founded the organization ‘POWER CHILDREN FOUNDATION UGANDA’. Through a tomato project, he is able to provide a sustainable income base for his organization. Jawiambe is interested in health and nutrition topics, e.g. about micro and macro organisms that are important concerning the elaboration of hygienic and health concepts in Ugandan communities. Furthermore, he wants to know more about organization and management topics, e.g. fundraising, raising the traffic of his website and how to develop or expand the project.

To further develop his organization, he would love to start a tandem partnership with someone experienced in proposal management, accounts or community education.

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+++improving child education and health through NGO work+++

Tenywa Allan from Mukono, Uganda

Allan is a 22 years old change maker from Mukono, Uganda. His heart is beating for children, dreaming of ensuring that every child has access to education and improved health. He is president of the organization “Go Back to School” (GOBS) Children’s Foundation. Their mission is to help orphans and needy children to attend school and to provide medical support to people by arranging health camps. Furthermore, he founded a Girl Child Challenge Project which involves distributing sanitary pads to girls in villages. With his tandem partner, he would like to discuss organizational and charity topics, e.g. how to support children better.

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+++ economics, statistics and social innovation +++

Charles Massawe
Charles Massawe from Moshi, Tanzania

Charles is studying economics and statistics. He is establishing a training centre named ‘Moshi Rurals Tanzania’, which aims to improve the literacy skills of the rural population and provides a platform for young people to meet and discuss productive topics. He is interested in mathematics and questions, such as how to end poverty and reduce inequality.

+++economic trends+++

Ester Marwa from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Esther is currently studying at the University of Dar es salaam. She likes to meet new people and is interested in economics. Especially in economic trends, not only in Tanzania but all over the world.

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+++hip-hop, rap, empowerment trough music+++

Ram Kigozi
Ram Kigozi from Jinja, Uganda

Ram is a very creative person. He is 20 years old and not only a rapper, but also a poet and creative writer. Ram is and was engaged in several projects giving teenagers the chance to express themselves through hip-hop and rap. On his website he posted a few interviews explaining what he is currently working on: He is also passionate about community building and bringing people together.

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+++gender, women empowerment, children’s rights+++

Davie George
Davie George from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Davie is interested in the topics of gender, women empowerment and children’s rights. He likes working with his community to achieve social change. Lately, he started a campaign called “Binti wa kitaa” in order to prevent child marriage and early pregnancies.

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+++physics, film-making, history, philosophy+++

Riko Schadow from Munich, Germany

Riko is a master student of technical physics. Having many different interests, he is searching for a tandem partner from the Global South. In the world of physics, he is particularly interested in theoretical physics, quantum gravity and string theory. In the area of philosophy, he is interested in the subject of human perception.

Through GlobalMatch, Riko wants to find someone to discuss questions of physics and/or philosophy.

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+++linguistics, writing, publishing+++

David Barasa from Cape Town, South Africa

Working towards the completion of his PhD project in linguistics David is searching for a tandem partner from the Global North. Concerning his PhD project, David wants to publish “A Grammar of Ateso”, a native spoken language from Kenya, from a reputable publisher at low cost. Through GlobalMatch David wants to find someone who is versed in writing and publishing and could offer some suggestions for publishing.

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+++social work, fighting illiteracy+++

Pauline Nantale from Jinja, Uganda

Pauline is very experienced in social works because she is engaged in charity activities in her community. She oftentimes takes care of elderly and sick community members.

She thinks that illiteracy is a big problem in Uganda society. With her tandem partner she can imagine starting a project in this field. As she does not have a lot of experience in financial management, it would be interesting for her to have a tandem partner from the field of economics.

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+++community work, micro credits, craft skills+++

Anna Mary Sanyu from Jinja, Uganda

Anna studied education and arts. She has an indepth experience in community work. At the moment she is working for an NGO called St. Moses children’s care centre, which gives micro credits to people in the nearby community. She works as a trainer for acquiring loans and efficient investment. She also gives trainings on health topics and how to use craft skills.

She wants to start a project in bricklaying, which will teach people in the community how to mix soil with water, make brick shapes, bake the shapes and sell them for a leaving.

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+++social work, universe, innovation+++

John Shestha from Kathmandu, Nepal

John is very interested in innovation and science. He likes to get to know about the culture and the languages from other parts of the world. He would like to investigate following questions: “What is exactly at the centre of the universe?” and “Is there any possibility of life beyond our solar system?”. He is also interested in engineering and technology.

He thought about developing a platform to inspire people with social works, which can push them to go beyond boundaries to do new things.

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 +++energy and water in Africa+++

Brice Houessionon from Bénin, West Africa

Brice is a hydraulic engineer. His topic of interest is the development of Africa. As a hydraulic engineer, he says that access to the water presents the main problem for African countries. He has already worked in many projects for evaluation of the water and sanitation in different countries such as Burkina Faso, Togo and Nigeria.

With his tandem-partner he wants to discuss the topics of water and energy. If you want to find a great tandem-partner in the Global South and you can speak French as well, Brice would be wonderful to get in touch with.

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+++child poverty , deprivation, education+++

Julius Ntende from Uganda

Julius studied Business Administration and Information Technology. He is engaged in the area of reducing child poverty and supports education. He wants to start a community project to strengthen the efforts of communities on helping children. He has already rented a small house in Jinja, Uganda which gives shelter to some street children and where he also teaches them Computer science.

He wants to gain more experience in public speaking and is looking project partner.

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+++law, economic projects+++

Nancy from Tanzania

Nancy is especially interested in the files of law. She applied for GlobalMatch because just recently she decided to seriously turn her dream into a reality and that is start her own legal consulting company.  The idea is to have a legal consulting company that can have room for other lawyers like herself who for long have been looking for a job.

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+++industrial and agricultural development+++

Hekima Msigwa from Tanzania

After conducting a research for a long time Hekima came up with different cause of poverty existence to the African people, such as low education about development or poverty of science and technology. He came up with the idea of introducing the Agriculture and Business Company, which will deal more on agriculture investment of different cash crops, food crops and animal keeping.
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+++community work, cultural projects+++

Goodluck Skawa from Arusha, Tanzania

Skawa wants to share his personal ideas on different social issues. He had some cultural experiences in his society and ones surrounding him and wants to motivate other young people to contribute on social issues to evaluate world thoughts, to have a look on the dispersed societies, especially in Africa, also to sort out some harmfully and bad practices done by most of the communities. He also wants to work on the topic of women rights. He would love to start a cultural project together.

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+++entrepreneurship, finance+++

Dennis Oswin Nombo from Dodoma, Tanzania

Dennis graduated last year at the University of Dodoma with MBA specialized in Finance. He joined together with his colleagues and made a contribution to start a business. Since two of them had an experience on financial services as we worked in a reputable micro finance we decide to launch a micro credit institution. Its named as Nuru Prime Business Solution Co LTD having its head office in Dodoma. They officially started the operations on January 2017. They have now managed to serve a good number of entrepreneurs since they only offer small loans as the funds are limited.

By this experience and since they are serving many clients in rural area Dennis has a new idea on investing on entrepreneurial and capacity building training to different entrepreneurs contry wide by starting in Dodoma Region.

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+++entrepreneurship, economic cooperation+++

Beastus Kway is from Moshi, Kilimanjaro

Beastus has studied Bachelor of Science in Tax and Management in the Institute of Finance Management Dar es Salaam Tanzania. He is dealing with investors in the mining, real estate, and agriculture sectors for property investment processing industries. During the year he could successfully serve professional investors who wanted to invest in Tanzania and since then, he has the aim to provide the best possible assistance in decision making. His focus in the mining industry with current projects with tanzanite, gold and copper including many cooperation and investment methods.

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+++raising awareness on renewable energy, solar energy, water purification+++

Henock Wena is 21 years old, from Namibia.

Henock is currently doing his degree in engineering in Metallurgy with a focus on Energy (solar CSP) and water (sewage) purification. His dream is to raise awarenesses to fellow students on the importance of renewable Energy resources. He wants to inspire young people to work together on this topic.

In the tandem partnership, he is looking for someone with know how in the area of renewable Energy and motivation to mentor him with encouragement and fruitful ideas that will guide his next steps for his project.

Apart from this, his hobbies are mutual inspiration with friends and playing chess.

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+++education, community development, health care+++

John Kalule is 30 years old, from Uganda.

John is currently doing his Bachelors degree in development studies. His heart beats for young people with few opportunities concerning educational and economic development as well as for especially vulnerable young individuals like orphans and HIV-positive youth. He wants to start an organization (NGO) aiming at supporting the youth in education and acquirement of skills so that they can create jobs for themselves and gain economic independence. This is meant to be reached through educational courses like training of computer or handcraft skills as well as through personal counsel and encouragement.

John is also interested in topics like community development, health, prevention of drug abuse and youth support in general which he would like to discuss. For example, he is interested in the question how to deal differently with diseases caused by virus compared to those caused by bacteria.

He is experienced in management and has good communication and leadership skills which he would like to bring in the partnership.

He is looking for someone to accompany the next steps of his project, maybe with NGO experiences concerning funding/strategic planning.

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+++technology, social matters, community development, education+++

Samson Sandery Mbilinyi is 24 years old, from Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Currently, Samson is doing his bachelor of science in electrical engineering. He is very interested in technology, especially in the field of electronics. In this area, he could imagine to work on a scientific question together with his tandem partner.Samson Sandery Mbilinyi is a 24 years old changemaker from Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Also, he is experienced in social matters and active in his community through planning activities to sustain development and setting goals for the community.

Combining those two areas, he has the project idea to educate people about todays world technology and support them in order to gain basic economic requirements. Someone with NGO experience, especially with management or fund raising skills, would help him a lot.

He is eager to share different ideas and perspectives!

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+++supporting people affected by poverty, hunger & physical hurt+++

Nabugo Ashraf is 27 years old, from Uganda.

He is a computer technician and has a degree in business management. He founded a faith-based project which aims at supporting and encouraging people concerned by poverty, hunger and physical hurt. This is what he wants to expand in the next time. He wishes for a tandem partner who supports him with this project. Ideally, his tandem partner has skills in public speaking, networking and self-management which he wants to share with Nabugo.

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+++medicine, tourism, education, research+++

Awongo Briggs is 30 years old, from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

She is interested in medicine, education and research. Currently, she is teaching in her community. Also, she would like to cooperate with somebody who has tourism experience. In her leisure time, she likes singing, dancing, sports, studying and counselling people.

She looks forward to discuss some of these topics with her tandem partner!

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+++performing arts, music, livestock farming+++

Kakande Alex is 22 years old, from Entebbe, Uganda.

Currently, he is doing his diploma in performing arts. He loves music and wants to grow in his musical skills and teaching skills. As well as as an artist, he sees himself as a livestock farmer. That’s why he is interested in any experience in livestock and wants to do research about it. He has already reared some pigs and goats and wants to grow in these abilities.

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+++education, health+++

Allan Tenywa from Mukono, Uganda.

Allan‘s heart is beating for children, dreaming of ensuring that every child has access to education and improved health. The 22 year old is the president of the organisation “Go Back to School” (GOBS) Children’s Foundation. Their mission is to help sponsor orphans and needy children to schools plus providing medical support to people in form of arranging healthy camps. As well, he has a Girl Child Challenge Project which  involves distributing sanitary pads to girls in villages and sanitation improvement.

With his tandem partner, he would like to discuss organisational and charity topics, e.g. how to support children better.

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+++mechanics, automotive technology, inspiration+++

Herve Doure from Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

Herve is 21 years old and studies mechanics, focusing on automotive motors. His studies and constant exchange with other people are very important to him. With his tandem partner, he would love to discuss mechanics and automotive technology or even a scientific question in this general area. Apart from that, he is very open to ideas concerning a common project.

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+++ICT: website and 3D design, teaching, hand crafting+++

Ssenfuka Hannington from Uganda

Ssenfuka is 33 years old and loves programming, especially designing websites and 3D design. These skills he wants to develop further, in order to one day be able to empower his community through teaching in a computer school.

Also, he is enthusiastic about designing hand crafts and playing chess. When he’s off duties, he does charity work and loves helping other people.

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+++social media, intercultural exchange+++

Innocent Wakida from Uganda

Besides having completed a bachelors degree in law, Innocent is enthusiastic about social media and very inspired by the idea to use it as a possibility to collect charity. Aiming at this, he wants to use his vast experience in writing, research and media reporting, together with his organisational and management skills to found a company and a charity foundation. For the latter, he has the idea to start up a charity media campaign “Hope in Motion” raising money for several charity purposes, e.g. health, education, civil rights and advocating for the youth to create jobs other than seek them.

Furthermore, he is interested in travelling and being inspired by other cultures and people from different parts of the worlds.

In a tandem partner, he is looking for someone who shares his passion and experience of the media world and who works together with him in a team, with a creative and innovative mind and a strong personality.

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+++dairy keeping, animal husbandry, civil engineering+++

Justus Mbabazi from Bukaya, Uganda

Justus is 32 years old and interested in dairy keeping and animal husbandry. Currently he is taking care of fresian cows and wants to further develop this little farm. Justus also has a diploma in civil engineering and is engaged in his community as youth mobilizer. In his free-time he swims and watches football.

Ideally, Justus’ prospective tandem partner has experience in dairy keeping.

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+++automotive technology & trade+++

Ibrahem Hossen  from Palestine

Ibrahem works in the field of construction and paints. He is very interested in the topics of automotive technology and trade. He hopes to improve his knowledge in this regard to one day be able to open his own business in the automobile sector. Ibrahem also volunteers in his community and has good negotiation skills.

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Bassey Peter from Abuja, Nigeria

Peter is 29 years old and very interested in all topics in the field of business. His dream is to support his community through his very own business and becoming an employer. Some branches he could imagine are the import of goods and a viewing center for soccer games.

Besides this, he likes to listen to inspirational music.

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+++health, youth development, clean water+++

Andrew Kakande from Uganda

Andrew has a degree in developmental studies and is very interested in topics concerning health and youth development. As a scientific question to discuss together with his tandem partner, he could imagine:

Why do ARVs harm humans when they take them without meals?

He has an own project in his community, where he is educating people on dangers of drinking unsafe water which he wants to develop further. Also, he wants to extend clean safe water to communities which are in need for clean water. To do so, he wants to learn more about management.

He loves arts and craft work. He also likes watching movies and reading novels. Furthermore he wish to teach his developmental skills to his fellow youths in the world. Currently he is founding an Art and Craft Gallery project where he believes he would touch the lives of many youths.

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+++bakery, nutrition, arts+++

Miracle Annetie Kasule from Uganda

Miracle wants to touch the heart of the world through her nutrition skills. The 25 year old sees herself being one of the best food processors in the country. As if that is not enough miracle also engages in Art and Craft work. Furthermore she has interest of teaching youth all over the country her skills of Art, Craft and nutrition. During her free time, she engages herself in making friends, adventure and exploring heights. Currently she is running a Bakery, Art and Craft project where she makes the sweetest cakes and breads. She wish to gain more knowledge about nutrition.

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+++computer training, personal development+++

Mark Kato from Jinja, Uganda

Mark is 25 years old and wants to change the living conditions of young people all over the world. He has experience in computer training, coaching and counselling. At the moment he is offering computer training and counselling on health related issues to young people around his home area. Mark spends his leisure on sports, swimming and reading novels to mention just a few. Above all, he wants to start a project that reaches youth communities that grew up in a bad environment. By giving trainings on several topics (health, personal carrier, computer skills) he wants to improve the lives of the youth in Uganda. Besides this project he is interested in discussing and sharing share ideas about the cause of the increase of HIV infection among the youth.

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+++development studies, community work+++

Okello Ben from Jinja, Uganda

Ben is a 20 year old, who wants to eradicate poverty among the youth. He has a degree in development studies. He believes with the skills and experience he got from school he can do exceedingly great. Ben has in depth experience in community work and at the moment he is offering training to youths in his home area. He also has developmental skills like Art and craft as well as computer training.

He is also interested in the medical question “why virus is more stronger than bacteria?”

In his free time, Ben likes meeting friends and sharing skills.

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+++information sharing, software development+++

John Lugis from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

John is excited about information science and information sharing between different cultures and wants to get more skills in information analysis.

He was serving in national services in the military and  as librarian at the University of Dar es Salaam and at St. Augustine University of Tanzania and through that has skills in research and technology. He wants to improve his knowledge through training and books.

Moreover he is serving is community through  different activities like organising funerals, celebrations and other cultural activities.

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+++psychotherapy, cultural studies, research+++

Lisa Arnhold from Germany

Lisa is doing her training as a psychotherapist and through that has knowledge in psychotherapy and health care. Moreover she is working in a Start Up and can give an insight view of the working progresses and structures there.

She is also interested in academic research in the fields of psychotherapy and psychoendocrinology, cultural studies, politics, equality and women’s rights.

Lisa doesn’t have a concrete idea of a project yet but is open to give advice, structure and motivation in her fields of knowledge.

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+++management, cultural studies, business administration+++

Jana Reuther from Germany

Jana is excited about  cultural differences and people management. She can share knowledge of management and business administration and also wants to have her own company in the future. She is excited about sports and traveling and is engaged in working for Rotaract.

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+++African philosophy, oral tradition, bachelor thesis+++

Lina-Marie Theiß from Germany

In her bachelor thesis in philosophy Lina-Marie wants to write about non-Western / “non-academic” philosophy  . She is particularly interested in methods of African philosophy from ancient times to today, the oral tradition as well as the way in which academic work is carried out.. I am particularly interested in  an individual perspective on continental and analytical philosophy and criticism of it.

Therefore, she would be excited about a personal exchange with a philosopher or a student of similar disciplines would be extremely exciting for her.

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+++online counseling center, violence, mentoring+++

Clara Gernert from Germany

Clara would like to develop an online counseling center for students  who are victims of violence, especially of parents / siblings / relatives. Affected persons should be given  a possibility to communicate their experiences and fears anonymously (and free of charge) to other students so that they don’t feel alone.
The aim is not to make a psychological review or a profound discussion of the trauma, but rather to look at the future of the young people.

Clara would be happy to exchange ideas regarding this topic with others and to apply the same concept in another country.

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+++judiciary, development cooperation, building infrastructure+++

Marlon King from Germany

Marlon is going to school and  very excited about having an impact.

He is interested in judiciary and development cooperation. He wants to work together with others to build infrastructure and is  experienced in making speeches  in front of many people.

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+++small scale mining+++

Kelvin J. Wambura from Tanzania

Kelvin wants to develop and support small scale mining in gold and silver by processing, selling and exporting.

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+++IT, security systems+++

Annold Nemes  from Tanzania

Annold is a technician of security system and is looking for someone who is even interested in coming to Tanzania for opening up a business together. He already has land for setting up a factory.

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+++network marketing, civil engineering+++

Yustina Sebastian
Yustina Sebastian from Tanzania

Yustina is interested in network marketing, civil engineering and how to speak to people. She would like to learn more about network marketing. She applies at GlobalMatch because she believes that the exchange of ideas can make two people grow.

If there is an idea she would love to put a social project together with her tandem partner into action.

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+++law, online advice+++

Mujuni from Tanzania

Mujuni is a 26 soon-to-be lawyer. At the moment she is still participating in the legal training at Law School of Tanzania. She wants to start a mobile app that provides legal advice. She is looking for a co-founder.

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+++early child education, pre-primary school project+++

Judith Kiwale
Judith Kiwale from Tanzania

Judith is from the Kilimanjaro region. She is interested in investing in early childhood. Most people from her village are having that idea that, a student should start schooling at 7 years. After her studies of education she is completely convinced that  investment in education should start even before formal School starts.

In concrete she provide seminar to parents about how important early childhood is. She also thinks about starting a pre-school.  

She is looking for a tandem partner that will start this project together with her.

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peter kilasa
Peter Kilasa from Tanzania

Peter has developed his tourism company called Paul Tour Safari, he is currently CEO of this company. He is very interested in tourism. He is especially interested in how to run overseas companies, how to care for customers and how to get tourist customers. He would love to get support from his tandem partner in promoting his tourism offers via social media. He could also imagine to start a social project together.

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+++medicine, exchange+++

Anthony Menrad Lukanga from Tanzania

Anthony has a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Management. He is especially interested in education about the medical sector. He has a project that is mostly focused on international market especially europe. His project aims to bring pre-med and electives medicine students from europe to Tanzania and wants to provide them with hospital placement and with work experience. Therefore he is  looking for a tandem partner with whom he can work together especially in marketing and the european market.

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+++sociology, governance, leadership, entrepreneurship+++

Omar Ramadhan from Tanzania

As a young leader and entrepreneur, Omar, 31, is very interested in making connections. Not necessarily it is a business connection, but any kind of connection to him is an opportunity to learn a thing.

He is currently pursuing a masters degree in Governance and Leadership backed up with a Bachelor degree in Sociology from the Open University of Tanzania.

Recently he founded “Orange Egg Shop”, a company that deals with poultry and its products. They are currently selling fresh and frozen chicken and table eggs.

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+++social media, consulting, entrepreneurship+++

Andrew Rwela  from Tanzania

Andrew is a 2nd Year student at University of Dodoma, Tanzania. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship.

He would like to start a Social Media Advertising Agency in Tanzania and would love to have exchange on that with his partner. He needs a partner with experience in Digital Advertising from Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Twitter ads and how to establish a profitable Social media Advertising Agency.

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+++media, journalism+++

Butaki Ptallah   from Kenya

Butaki is  founder and director of a Christian media house in Kenya and Uganda. He is very interested in journalism and would love to establish any kind of cooperation with his partner.

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+++entrepreneurship development+++

Hekima Msigwa from Tanzania

Hekima finished university studies last month based on special education courses. His goal is to reduce the poverty situation in the different areas around the world. He would like to start-up an entrepreneurship accelerator, a company that works on entrepreneurship development around the world. The crucial idea is that people with special needs will be most considered.

As he is in the beginning phase of his project, which has a social focus, he is very interested that a tandem-partner joins his journey.

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+++human resource management, poultry keeping+++

Victoria Munisi from Iringa, Tanzania

Victoria is a highly motivated and enthusiastic person with a strong vision to achieve successful outcomes. She studied human resource management. Furthermore she is interested in poultry keeping. She would be interested in joint project work.

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+++climate justice, activism, technology+++

Kamala Dickson from Tanzania

Kamala is a social activist in the areas of tax and climate justice and works in public administration and project management. He is passionate about innovation and technology development, working with young people to find solutions to problems existing in local communities by using modern technology. Kamala was already involved in the development of different online platforms and worked at the East Africa Community as Youth Ambassador. Generally, he is interested programs that utilize science and technology to help local communities, especially in the area of climate change mitigation.

Kamala hopes to start a social project with his tandem partner. 

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Beastus Kway
Beatus Mlingi   from Arusha, Tanzania

Beatus is 38 years old and interested in agriculture and business. He studied procurement and supplies and works on diverse agricultural activities.

Through GlobalMatch, Beatus wants to find a partner who could imagine to elaborate on a profitable agriculture project together. At the same time he is curious to have exchange on agriculture topics and even to do scientific research together.

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+++education, exchanging experiences+++

Julia Franz is from Zwickau, Germany

Julia is interested in higher education around the globe; in particular, how to ensure higher education in situations of crisis and the impact of digitalization on university teaching. Most of all, however, she is interested in investigating the university as a location of political engagement and uprising against national or international power structures.
She studied philosophy and economics in Germany and Jordan. Thereafter, she joined a Berlin based social start up that helps refugees accessing higher education through blended learning. At the moment she is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, working for a German development corporation at a cross border higher education project of the African Union.

Julia is interested to hear from educators, social entrepreneurs, students or other curious souls about their views on education and eventually start a project together. This is however not a must for her.

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+++social projects, community work+++

Anna Mary Sanyu  is 29 years old, from Jinja, Uganda

Anna Mary works as a community development officer in an NGO called ‘St. Moses Children’s Care Center’. She has a bachelor’s degree in education, majoring in literature/English. She is working on a social project (brick laying project). This is the most income generating project that women mostly the vulnerable one do to earn a living hence improving on their social well being and the community as a whole.

Anna Mary hopes that GlobalMatch will help her to launch a new social project.

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+++education, social projects+++

Siyanda Makhanya is from Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

Siyanda is interested in improving the education system in South Africa, empowering young people to lead and become young entrepreneurs. He studied basic community leadership and is about to enroll in teaching next year. Currently, he is working as program coordinator in an NGO.

Through GlobalMatch, Siyanda hopes to be connected with others sharing his interests and work to achieve broader social change.

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